Weta's AutomaitreDby Tim_Gibson

This is a render of a model I built in conjunction with designer Greg Broadmore while working at Weta Workshop. You can check out more of my Weta work at www.flyingwhities.com and more awesome Rayguns goodies at http://www.wetanz.com/holics/index.php?catid=4. We printed it out life-size and took it along to Comic Con as part of the Raygun's display. It was also published in Elemental 3, which was a great treat. The Robot was rendered super high-res in multiple passes. A Key, Fill and Kick light was rendered one pass, each light assigned one of the RGB colours. This allowed me to tweak the lighting in Photoshop. Then I added an ambient lighting pass and some minor reflections. The AutomaitreD's textures and colours were added in Photoshop after. This image is Copyright 2007 Weta Workshop.

Staff pick for 1st November 2009

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