Bentley Blower Toy - V-ray Experimentby Ruairidh MacNeill
Bentley Blower Toy - V-ray Experimentby Ruairidh MacNeill

Recently got my paws on a license for Vray for Modo. I picked something I thought would be easier to get started on, for the learning curve of adjusting to how the plug-in slots into Modo. As it turns out it fits in as good as seamlessly and along with a Modo-Substance bridge I was able to knock this out in no time at all. I am no texture/render artist, modeling is my thing but it was so easy to get all these tools working together that the normal deficiency's in skill were vastly reduced
This is the first time I have used a plugin GPU render engine ( within Modo) that has really impressed me and almost makes me want to move away from the standard render methods. Although the bottleneck of GPU VRAM is still going to prevent me from being able to switch due to the size of models I normally build
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