Here is the Cinematic Trailer That we've done when I was at Deedema Studio for their Game "Hardambil". I was Responsible as CG Supervisor and Mostly Modeling, Character Posing, Further Sculpts and Texturing, Shader Setup in Vray (Along With Mohsen Hashemi), Look Dev, Hair Grooming, Lighing TD, Camera Animation (along with Hadi Tabasi and Alireza Sedghi)

Director - Concept Artist: Hadi Tabasi
CG Supervisor-Character Posing- Modeling - Additional Texturing and Sculpt - Hair Grooming - Look Dev - Lighting TD - Render Setup : Reza Sedghi
Composite: Ali Ehtemami
Character Designs: Mehdi Alibeygi
Base Models of the Characters were done by Ali Bitaraf
Character Base Textures were done by Meind Bender Studio
Ground Model was done by Musa Torabi
Cloud base Meshes were done by Saman Chenaghchi
Render Setup was done by Mohsen Hashemi
Camera Refining was Done by: Hadi Tabasi-Alireza Sedghi
Thanks to Moin Samadi - Seyyed Mehdi Dabestani

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