Colorful Oriental Loungeby Archviz.Studio
Colorful Oriental Loungeby Archviz.Studio
Colorful Oriental Loungeby Archviz.Studio

This project features an Oriental recreation room. To emphasize the luxurious oriental style, rich textures and abundance of decor were used.
The oriental interior is designed for relaxation and rest. Here you can see comfortable soft sofas with lots of multi-colored pillows.
An indispensable element of the decor is a low coffee table with a hookah. A niche with oriental ornaments and illumination also organically fits into the interior, and attracts attention. Other design elements presented in the form of a silver jug, flowers, fruits create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.
The presence of a wall-mounted TV will allow you to spend your leisure time in a comfortable environment. You can also see the abundance of textiles.For example, a handmade carpet, pillows, draped curtains, all this creates an oriental flavor.
The color scheme is bright and saturated with splashes of gold. The ceiling is light, decorated with moldings. The walls are decorated with silk wallpaper, the floor is wooden.
The muffled light is created by the lamps. In the center, the hinged chandeliers with gilt are beautifully decorated. The area near the TV also decorates lamps of the same stylistics.
The light ceiling creates a mysterious and relaxing atmosphere.

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