"The global Corona pandemic has made us hold our breath in recent weeks. I would like to pay my highest respect to all affected persons and families and express my deepest condolences in this hard time. This makes it all the more important to me that those who can, take part in helping those in need.
A month ago I was contacted by Mark Thorsen from Digital Cube Media, who has brought a great project to life. This very emotional 3D rendered video shows the many challenges we have to master in our current everyday life and pays particular attention to the people who, with their selfless and hard work, make a great contribution to helping people affected by Covid-19 and keeping our society going.
Now, on behalf of the entire Renderpeople team I would like to use our reach to share this great video and to launch an appeal for donations. Only together can such crises be successfully mastered. Let us help each other. Donate now to help people in need."
•Lukas Lamprecht•
CEO of Renderpeople

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