Boy Meets Bug - Centipedeby James Gardner

A collaboration with Clive Biley & John Parker, this was a playful set of images showing what could be conjured up in CGI and carefully crafted together with John Parkers photography. John shot his children as the subjects, all holding beanbags as placeholders for the CGI creatures, so that the children had a weight to their stance, so that it was believable as a final piece. I modelled the centipede in Modo and then into Mudbox for sculpting each body part in very high poly detail so that the highlights all ?pinged? in the right way. I then modelled a virtual set around what John had shot for real. Every light source was recreated so the two sat well together in post which was helmed by Clive Biley. visit for more of my work, (visit for more of John and Clives work)

Staff pick for 13th May 2014

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