Dragon & Hobbitby davidnaviag

This is my most recent project, named: “Dragon and Hobbit”. It is a homage to the wonderful book by world famous writer J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit. In my illustration I wanted to communicate what the magical feeling and the greatness of his story meant to me when I had the pleasure to read it. The incomparable adventures of Bilbo Baggins and company will always be an invitation for readers from across the planet to step past their own boundaries, to be brave and dare to create a life full of discoveries.

I started this painting using the 3D software ZBrush, where I did most of the modelling, sculpting, texturing and lighting. Then, I moved to Photoshop where I worked on the painterly look, color and atmosphere.

This piece was made for a contest called: “Dragones de Latinoamérica”, an event hosted by Wacom company, intended to promote fantasy artists from all Latin America.

I deeply wish that you like it and find it inspiring.

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