Viking Boat - Off course we are!by Marko Stanojevic

Well... our Viking is drunk as a skunk! How has this happened you may ask? There is a simple explanation that goes like this: His crew threw him a going-away party, with balloons, cake and a lot of beer... And I mean A LOT OF BEER! Like he is going to Valhalla and not on exploration mission FFS. During his blackouts, at some point during the night, he went full on drunken frenzy and he stole a boat, passed out, and the ship headed in unknown direction by itself (As you can see he ended up somewhere cold). Where he will go when his hangover is gone, we will find out. P.S Don't worry he didn't run over the seal, he got stuck at that point. So kids, never drink and drive!

Staff pick for 25th May 2016

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