Breakfast Princessby Fernando Azulini

This is a personal project that I made based on a Mike Azevedo's concept art. I thought in doing that because I really like Adventure Time, my fiancee loves that TV animation and I'm a fan of Mike Azevedo's art work, and as a person, thinking that he was very attentive and showed be a nice person during this project. I liked the challenge to make differents foods to compose a character. I used Zbrush to make the general shapes, after that retopologizing the model on Maya, backing to Zbrush to add details, posing and exporting maps. Than I constructed shaders and lights in Maya using Vray. To finish the project and compose I used Photoshop. Almost forgot that I robbed the BG from Mike. I hope you and Mike likes it. Thanks.

Staff pick for 18th July 2015

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