The House above an old roadby Julian Sadokha

Architect: Olha Wood
Visualization: Suburbia Studio
Location: Ukraine, Kyiv
Year: 2018

What is this picturesque place? Coniferous forest around and amazing landscapes. The fortress is outside — cozy inside. This is how we visualized a private house with an area of 200 square meters, located near Kyiv.

One of the main ideas of the project was to preserve every tree on the territory where house will construct. Although it is quite a bold decision and nature-friendly, at the same time very difficult. The architect designed the house between the trees, and our team embodied this idea in visualization.

A private area and second guest room will be near to the village. However, we closed from the village view the atrium of the second guest room and a private area with a long two level corridor, covered with grey wooden cladding.

We managed to recreate the material of Pilkington glass blocks in the corridor so accurately that, like in the real world, they scatter light throughout the rooms, but do not show the interior.

Huge windows and white walls literally fill space with light inner courtyard and interiors. Such glazing defines the style of this homе.

Everything depicted looks very natural thanks to the colossal work on the shaders. No doubt it was worth it.

We are always open to interesting projects and are ready to help developers, architects and interior designers with modeling and visualization.

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