Mouse Loveby zeoyn

This was my entry for the CGSociety "Secret Agent" Challenge. I hope you like it! STORY: Some days have passed and still no one can be contacted at the National Laboratory for Animal Research. The National Security Agency is ordered to send in one of their agents in order to check what is happening. With so many wars going around in the world, the Agency decides to send the only available agent... hoping that he will not screw it up this time. Reaching the Lab our agent finds out that all the laboratory mice are on the loose and have taken over the facility. As an experient agent he decides to use a flawless diguise. Investigating further, the agent finds that the mice seem to be concentrating at the Director's Office and elaborating a surprising plan to take over the world! However, the mice are smart fellows and spot our well undercovered agent ... Will he survive? Will he prevent the world from being dominated by the love making mice?

Staff pick for 23rd September 2009

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