Machico Bayby RIP3D ARCHVIZ

Machico Bay, 3D, one of the several 3D scenarios we created for the Portuguese movie documentary, "Fachos". Machico City Hall/Mercado Quinhentista Production

Screenplay by Eduardo Costa
Produced by Eduardo Costa, Produções Audiovisuais
Directed by Eduardo Costa
Executive Producers: Eduardo Costa / Ricardo Caldeira
Director of Photography: Saul Caires
Photography by César Gonçalves, Saul Caires and Xavier Sousa
3D Cenarios: RIP3D Archviz
Post production: Saul Caires e Eduardo Costa

Tools we use in the movie:
Program: 3dsmax
Water: Phoenix FD from @chaosgroup
Render: Vray from @chaosgroup
Vegetation/Forest: Forest Pack and Megascans

Everything is 3D, except people (They were added after in post-production)

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