Unrealized Dreamby Khadyko

The idea came after the end of the game God of War: Chains of Olympus. There was a very sad moment when Kratos pushed away his own daughter, because the world was in danger... Maybe sound a little bit silly, but in game it was a really tragic moment and I decided to give them a Happy End. It was in a 2008, but because the idea was pretty epic and the lack of technical knowledge I leaved it till 'better times'. In september 2009 I've started to learn Maya and thought that it can be cool to combine learning with realisation of my old idea. It was not the best decision, as I understand now))) Yes, more than 5 years I'm working on this project. Not everyday of course, with long breaks (from few weeks till 6 month), but during this process I've learned not only maya, but lots of other software tool, got many new skills and tons of experience))) It was a W.I.P. project on render.ru (it's in russian) : http://www.render.ru/xen/threads/god-of-war-ili-nezbyvshajasja-mechta.131373/ I want to say a BIG THANKS to everyone who was involved in this work! It was a great time and your advice and help was extremely useful and helpful!!! Special thanks to my friends 3DMTR and Max_L for powerful offline critics. And super special thanks to my lovely wife for her patience))) Comments are welcome!

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