Untitledby B. Borkur Eiriksson

I made this image for my mom as a Christmas gift in 2005, and made a large print and framed it. I went a bit overboard with techniques and was really just fooling around a lot.

I?ve been painting and drawing seriously for around 10 years now, I never drew much as a kid and always envied people who could draw, I did?nt discover I had talent for it myself until my early teens. I decided that painting and drawing was much more fun then ending up in a regular ?9 to 5? job and started out in Industrial design and then went to and Art Academy in Holland which I graduated from in 2004. I started to work for CCP Games as soon as I graduated and am still happily painting and drawing for there.

I use Photoshop and Wacom tablet for 98% of my work and occasionally some 3d block models when I?m starting a painting to figure out composition and vantage points. I?m heavily inspired by realism and I try to study it as much as possible and tend to get inspired by the oddest things really, just how a reflection hits a car at a certain angle, how a tree is casting it?s shadow on the pavement or if I?m reading a book and start to picture a scene in my head. I?m also very inspired by the old master of art Rembrant, Sorolla, Claude Lorrain, Vel?zques, Bouguereau, Sargent just to name a few and of course many modern artists including Odd Nerdrum and Craig Mullins.

Staff pick for 23rd June 2007

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