Civic 5d Postapocalyptic editionby Nas

I want to show you my latest game art work. It always was interesting for me to see how I could make a modern car look in a post-apocalyptic future. So I decided to create the Honda Civic 5d as a game model. I think this is one of the most interesting cars today. For greater interest the car was placed in a certain desert. From a technical side I didn't want to use high poly modeling at all, except in some extreme moments. For determination of specification I researched a lot of games like Test Drive Unlimited, FarCry2, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. And I decided that the budget for the whole car with all props could be around 60,000 tris. Because the car was done for a non-existent game, in modeling I wanted to create all parts as close to the real thing as possible. Final polygon budget: Car - 36900 tris; All objects in car - 19800 tris. Big attention was devoted to the interior. I planned that the virtual player will spend much time driving so I decided to model almost all elements. Also, there was an idea to fill the whole car with some objects to give it more life. High poly geometry for normal was modeled just for the seats, tires, hubcap, some buttons on the torpedo, inside of the door, the 'Honda' Logo in the headlights, the jerrycan, and the radio cord. The car was textured with 11 original textures. The biggest is the Torpedo texture, 2048x2048, 'cause I wanted to save all details. Other parts were textured in 1024x1024 and smaller for lights, glass, wheels etc. There were created about 35 different props with original textures. Each prop may be used as a single object without the car.

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