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Meet Nova; a young girl with a burning passion for games, gadgets and everything with bright colors. She lives in future Japan where she works as an instructor teaching kids how to master a hoverboard. However, she is secretly dreaming about becoming a legendary zombie slayer once the, inevitable, apocalypse begins. For now though she makes do with the digital experience, and to be fair, it?s not like zombies are a rare finding in games these days. Process: Concept done in Photoshop Base done in Zbrush Retopo and hard surface done in Maya Details sculpted with Zbrush Textures made with Photoshop and Mudbox Rigging done through Rendered in Vray Compositing done with After Effects and Photoshop I was inspired by artist Oliver Milas? for this project, so I highly recommend going to his website and enjoying all the good art:

Staff pick for 5th September 2015

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