wendigo 2015by leonenriquez

Default wendigo 2015 this is our first month crunch from work. there is a random subject given which for November was Wendigo. the idea is to practice your skills according to your schedule with in a month. in this case as i am busy from work and as a father. at home i still steal some time to work on this guy but of course i dont want my 3 year old daughter having nighmares. so i have to work when she is sleeping it started out as just some head sculpt, then had a little fun went on doing a bust (tors cut). but again i decided that i push it more so i ended up doing this piece . total working days was 4 hands on. my idea was: he chokes and sucks his victims dry with those leech like veins. skins them then feed the skin to his pet hyena named messy as he has a 0% fat diet and finally eat his victims including the bones as he needs calcium for those fancy anendigotlers.

Staff pick for 14th December 2015

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