Untitledby ACantarel

I modeled this one for a commercial where it apperas in a red emergency version. The (fictional) police version you see here is a private taste and for my portfilio only. Modeling, texturing and shading (emergency version shading in MAYA) were done in about 22 days by myself. Modeling was entirely done from photo-references and a few small blueprints from the internet. The renderings you see here were rendered by finalRender Stage-1 in 3ds max 8. These very modern EC135 models look always like a fresh washed car, no dirt at all. But this looks way too cg-like and gives it a more plastictoy look. I added a lot of dirt to make it more interesting and used. A 16bit bumpmap was used to create some bumps to distort the very even surface to get some variations.

Staff pick for 7th April 2007

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