Studio 33by RIP3D ARCHVIZ

Hi everybody! The goal here was not to have a old Loft/Studio and furnishes it, the goal was to have a new space, constructed from scratch and give old loft appearance; Some models used are from Design connected and 3dsky. My the workflow was always the same; Created with 3Ds max and Vray Light used was HDRI + GI, and some photometric light over the pictures in staircase. IR + LC calculations 4 times less than the final image resolution IR ? Preset High LC is about 3000; Retrace threshold off (on, took along time to render) Reinhard color mapping: 1|0.05|2.2 HDRI (0927 Wispy Clouds from Peter Guthrie) I hope you like it! Thank you! Website: Facebook: Email:

Staff pick for 18th April 2014

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