Staff picks contest July 2020

Dancing into 1st place for July's Staff Picks contest is  Hristo Chukov's "Mouse Guard" concept, created for the cancelled TV show! Eddie Mendoza was impressed with the storytelling and atmosphere in this evocative piece. The cute factor always helps too!

Runners up were:  nataliapgvahidahmadi2050Yan Blanco, and Adam de Pierre Pavan.

This competition is now closed

Winning entry - Mouse Guard - The Story



3dtotal - Thanks a lot for the pick guys. It's a pleasure to be recognised by fellow artists!  With that said - The image I had the pleasure to finalize, add characters, story and atmosphere - is a collaborative project between many artists. It's very common in the industry for 2-3 guys working off of each other. In this case I was charged with (as mentioned above) to add characters, atmosphere, story and a composition that fits the frame and portrays the characters at their best. To make it a final film frame. I did not work alone though. The base of the tavern and the early concepts of the place were done by Didier Konings. Shoutout to him!!! For more of our works check the links in the image info!

Eddie Mendoza

Guest Judge

I love the storytelling, atmosphere and set design of the tavern. The arched overhead walkway and different balconies makes me want to be a mouse and explore the scene. And have a pint or two while I'm at it!