Staff picks contest December 2020

Daring itself into 1st place for the December 2020 staff picks is Muhammad Waseem's "Pirate Turtle." We were impressed by how the finer details, from the peg-leg, to the menacing look on his face, came together to create a cohesive whole of an angry turtle!

Runners up were:  Dylan-KowalskiEugene FilimonovJamir Blanco, and Tiago Mesquita.

This competition is now closed

Winning entry - Pirate Turtle

Muhammad Waseem


I am always inspired by the digital art of characters with personalities and anthropomorphism, One of them is Kevin Keele and his amazing way of stylizing animals and giving him a larger than life persona. I am glad that everyone liked and appreciated my work! Kudos to the whole 3dtotal team.

3dtotal staff

Guest Judge

We were impressed with the details that popped from this piece, from the peg leg, to the look on the turtle's face - very menacing! A great concept well realized.

Congratulations to Muhammad for December's win! His chosen prize box included the below. Remember, every artwork you add to your gallery has the chance to be a Staff Pick and be entered into the monthly contest!

Sketching from the Imagination: Creatures & Monsters

Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop: Characters

Anatomy for Artists

3dtotal Anatomy: Feline figure