Staff pick contest June 2019

June's gallery was packed with amazing concept art and characters, and it was a difficult task for Wojtek Fus to narrow it down to a winner. Congratulations to Alfven Ato for his winning entry Valley of Kings! Wojtek was impressed by the colors, composition, lights, and use of shadow...

This competition is now closed

Winning entry - Valley of Kings

Alfven Ato


Here lies the great kings of the land. The final journey of their reign. On this valley, we honor their lives - and mourn their deaths. As the pyres are ignited, we pray for their souls to be among with the gods - as their bodies turns to ember. This piece tells the story of  burning the dead, especially the kings who have ruled, and the ashes to be cast out in the valley for this honors the god's commands. For this is their resting place - to be with their own - glorious kings!

Wojtek Fus

Guest Judge

"Valley of Kings" by Alfven Ato immediately strikes with fresh colors, a classy composition and a perfect layout of light and shadow. Compositional masses are masterfully guiding viewers' eyes through a subtle story of longing and loss. I really love how strong it reads in a thumbnail and it really makes me interested in what happened next in the Valley of Kings!

Alfven's prize box this month included: