Staff pick contest January 2020

There were more entries than you could shake a stick at for January 2020 - and so many potential winners! Every entry deserved to be in the runners up at the very least! But someone had to win, and that someone is Ed Pantera with his Morrigan artwork, as selected by Johnson Ting, who was impressed by the personality that shone through.

This competition is now closed

Winning entry - Morrigan



Thank you guys for picking my work. Morrigan is one of my favorite characters since childhood. I always wanted to make my own version of her someday. Thank you for noticing that I've tried to express a realistic look!

Johnson Ting

Guest Judge

Tough choice, but my favorite would be Morrigan by Ed Pantera, I think the realistic rendition of the character is great, in the same time also retaining some of the stylized aspects of the character. The pose is also great, it certainly brings out the personality of the character, and I love the tiny details like another variant of the lips where a bit of the tongue is showing, it shows a great attention to detail while complimenting the emotion of the character. Great work!