Staff pick contest August 2019

TB Choi has chosen the winner for the staff picks contest August 2019! Khan by Tumen! Showing exemplary detail in skin textures, hair, and lighting, this 3D portrait is certainly a worthy winner! Runners up included Loish by Geison Araujo, Ancient Village by Masashi Kageyama, Queen and Boy by djkimao, and Garage by Eric Kahindo.

This competition is now closed

Winning entry - Khan



Didn't really think I could win this month as there were so many beautiful artworks created by incredibly talented artists. Thanks for TB Choi for picking me and thank you 3dtotal for the awesome gifts!"

TB Choi

Guest Judge

I voted for Khan because of the textures, fur and pore detail in every part of the modeling and lighting - so amazing! And this is not to take away from the other original works - I'm a fan of simple design - but this work is breathtaking.