Staff pick contest April 2020

James W Cain was impressed by Yuri Alexander's ZBrush sculpt "Bangarang" and made it the Staff Picks winner for April! "You can really tell the time and care taken on every element." Rendered with Arnold, Yuri tried to keep the sculpt simple, with flourishes added for design, all the while having fun with it! 

Runners up were:  Nilberto TawataMaruf NasirWeiye Yin (Franc), and Sherman_cage.

This competition is now closed

Winning entry - Bangarang



This is incredible! It's a surprise and true honor to be picked - especially picked by an artist whose work I admire so much. Thank you 3dtotal and James!

James W. Cain

Guest Judge

Not only do Yuri's technical skills shine in his piece, he also flexes his creativity to make a very successful outcome. You can really tell the time and care taken on every element, clothing, pose, the design of the mech arms, and in the little details like the keychain. What's even better is instead of fighting each other Yuri has made them work together to make an outstanding finish!