Staff pick contest April 2019

We have our first arch-viz winner of the new Staff Picks contest set-up since launch: Lawyer's Office by Mouhamad Asswad, chosen by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme for its amazing details and great atmosphere. Four runners-up also placed; concept art and characters by Juan HernándezLucasChristo Crafford, and Ackeem Durrant.

This competition is now closed

Winning entry - Lawyer's Office



As everyone in this life has a story, personality, feelings, tendencies and lifestyle, we love to show these things without talking about them directly. All these things can be reflected by the place where you spend your daily time and resort to, so by making this place we are creating the book that tells your story! Since we are here talking about "Lawyer's office", it seems clear that he is trying to tell that story with some unique details from his personal daily life. It wasn't particularly an easy task to tell someone else's story with his own workplace, so we hope we succeed in that!

Bastien Lecouffe Deharme

Guest Judge

My vote goes to "Lawyer's office" by Mouhamad Asswad. I have been dragged into the work, attracted by every details that participate to the mood of the piece. It's not only an excellent technical job, it's a masterpiece of atmosphere and details. The reflection within the crystal distiller on the table, the lamps, the paintings on the walls, the interaction of gold, silver and brass metals. Simply a beautiful piece!

Mouhamad''s prize box this month included: