Joan of Arc contest

Following the 10-year anniversary of Michel Roger’s 3ds Max Joan of Arc box set of tutorials, we decided to set Joan of Arc as the theme for our first contest. You can read more about that here. The response was great, and you can see all the entries here.

When the final entries were in, the 3dtotal team rallied together and all chose their top 3, and then from there all the points were tallied to find the overall final 3. Here are the winners!

This competition is now closed

Winning entry - Joan of Arc (Real-Time)

Andrea Savchenko's Joan of Arc was the worthy winner of the £500 chest. A quote from one of the judges:

“It feels like a cohesive image with the use of golds and blacks, the repetition of the halo around the head and the hilt, and I liked the armor detailing. Overall it feels like a fully composed image! Lavish and detailed; I get the impression of a fragile young girl with the weight of history pressing upon her, guided only by her faith.”

Andrea Savchenko


Winning the Joan of Arc contest at 3dtotal is a great honor for me as a 3D Character Artist. Many thanks to the 3dtotal team for choosing my piece.

3dtotal staff

Guest Judge

Both a very skilled interpretation of the original concept, and a brilliantly realized character in her own right. Beautiful armor detailing and overall value control.

Peter Brockhammer's Joan of Arc came second, winning £300 in shop vouchers, and Ernesto Ruiz Velasco's Joan of Arc came third, winning £100 worth. Read here to find out more.

Read the full write-up here.

Runners up

Congratulations to the runners up: Peter Brockhammer, and Ernesto Ruiz Velasco.

Contest entries