Dominant birds contest

Let your imagination take flight! 3dtotal's second themed contest takes inspiration from the national bird-feeding month, posing the question, What if birds were the dominant species? Sponsored by XP-Pen. You can see all the entries here.

When the final entries were in, the 3dtotal team rallied together and all chose their top 3, and then from there all the points were tallied to find the overall final 3. Here are the winners! Read the full write-up here.

This competition is now closed

Winning entry - Apex Migrator

Congratulations to Arturo Gutiérrez, a Concept Artist and Illustrator at Efecto Studios in Colombia. Not only was the piece great, but it had a complimentary back-story too, which the office appreciated!

Arturo Gutiérrez


I'm glad you guys enjoyed my image! I'm so happy right now! I enjoyed experimenting with depth and composition, like having such a big part of the image with a heavy dark value

3dtotal staff

Guest Judge

The full tall composition of this one works really well to give a great feeling of scale and drama. Areas of color and contrast draw the eye nicely. The curve of the neck maybe looks a little unusual, but then it's a huge made-up bird, it can break rules. Great depth and scale!

Gladiator by Tellox came second, and Lord Cedric Mousebane by Dmitry Kremiansky came third. Read here to find out more.

Runners up

Congratulations to the runners up: Tellox, and Dmitry Kremiansky.

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