3dtotal character design contest #1

Big congratulations to Emily Ormerod who wins 3dtotal's inaugural character design contest (and £500 shop vouchers) with her fearsome yet cuddly welly wanger!

This competition is now closed

Winning entry - Canine Welly-Wanger - 3Dtcdc

Emily Ormerod


I wanted to make it my goal to make the subjects given, more interesting to me personally. I chose "Sportsperson" because this is a topic that I would usually avoid at all costs. But giving myself a challenge within my work, really makes me think outside of the box. More often than not, I surprise myself and get a result that would be more interesting than anything I would find if I stuck to my comfort zones. Tackling difficult topics in every piece/project you do is a great way to develop your skills and I am very dedicated to the improvement of my craft.

3dtotal staff

Guest Judge

Really great execution with a vintage vibe that works really well with your wellie wanging theme. Beautifully painted with a great warm light - very well done!

Gelado Torero by Ashley Allen came second, and Husky on snowboard by Ioana Tistu came third. Read here to find out more.

Runners up

Congratulations to the runners up: Ioana Tistu, and Ashley Allen.

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