Tiago Mesquita

Brazil - São Paulo/SP

Character Artist / Look Dev

  • david abasto

    buenos aires argentina

    Hola mi nombre es David Abasto, soy un artista 3D argentino, amo lo que ...

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    Batmovil BvS
    Maestro Roshi
  • Halloween 2021
    Pale Eyes
    Red Baron
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  • Daniel Dsouza

    More information on instagram @danielthe13

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    Waddles from Gravity falls
    Gravity falls journal
    Simpson Fan Art
  • José Palhares

    São Paulo, Brazil

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    Spirited Away - Train Scene
    Poke Quarentine
  • Elise Fedoroff

    Los Angeles, CA

    I am a Computer Animation Graduate from Ringling College of Art and Desi...

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    Space Girl
    Evelyn Byrd
    FIAT Car (WIP)
    Tag Girl
  • igorbittencourt

    I have over a decade of experience as a Graphic Designer and Art Directo...

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    Cyber Soldier
    Eva - Econ
  • Swann Valenza


    My name is Swann, I'm 20 and I'm a third year student in 3D animation, at Mopa.

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    Mr Book
    Pi-rat !
    Colorful Street
  • Paulo Lima

    São Paulo - Brasil

    3D Character and Look Dev Artist.

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    Annie - Based on a concept by Sara Faber
    Isao, the monkey warrior
    Bad Girl - Based on a concept by Max Grecke
    Frank - Based on a concept by Roman Semenenko
  • Yantram Architectural Design Studio

    Flower mound, Texas, USA

    YANTRAM Animation studio - architectural design studio, flourished out a...

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    3D Exterior Modeling of Club House Entry by Yantram architectural Design Studio, Indianapolis, Indiana
    3d rendering exterior design of apartment balcony by 3d exterior visualization studio Austin, Texas.
    3d interior rendering of Excellent Living room-kitchen by 3D interior design studio Austin, Texas
    Fabulous 2 Floor House Design Floor Plan by 3d floor Plan designer, Chicago, Illinois
  • AntonioMacara


    Hello I am 3D Artist, with a degree in Desing, completely in love with c...

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    Brad Pitt Likeness Study Real-Time
    Hand Clay Sculpt Part 01
    Old París Room Close-Up
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