Parag Lavande

Projects worked: As a movie fanatic and drawing hobbyist from my crawling days, it was the best (obvious) and extremely exciting decision of my life to enter into this awesome, challenging world of Art, Creativity and Filmmaking. Professionally, I am a 3D Modeler, Digital Sculptor and Digital artist. As for 3D, I work on all three: Organic (realistic), Inorganic (architectural) as well as Stylized (cartoon) modelling styles along with fine Texturing skills. Even though I use techno tools on daily basis to create art, my deep traditional knowledge in anatomical study and painting gives my work that final aesthetic touch which I think is must in this field. I am also a fine texture artist as painting comes naturally as being a established digital painter. As for 2D, I work from Character designing, Concept artworks (fantasy, realistic), Digital portraits (MY FAV) to total commercial designing. I am currently open to take on projects from across the globe Employer: Freelance Character Artist and Digital Sculptor