George Damiani

Sao Paulo

Bachelor of Visual Arts, 3D Artist from MELIES. Worked 5 years as a Graphic Designer, 2 years as instructor in MELIES School and 4 years as 3D Artist in CLANvfx. Currently is a Look Dev/Lighting Artist in Vetor Zero.

  • Maycon Chaves

    Campinas, Brazil

    I am a motion designer, artist and 3D generalist. I Worked in movies, t...

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    Iron Bugs Bunny - Pernalonga de ferro
    Spix's Macaw - Ararinha Azul
    Tiê-sangue - Ramphocelus bresilius bresilius
    King Vulture
  • Alessia De Salve


    Freelance 3D Animator & 3D Generalist

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    Alexis.Desa Self Portrait
    Shovel Creature
    Cave of Love
    Blue Horse