Adam Smith

Worcester, UK

3dtotal Publishing Co-ordinator Author of sci-fi, dystopian and horror

  • SgtHK


    Trivia: Smart, weapon-maniac, detail-freak, music lover

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    Garrus Vakarian
    Commander Shepard
    Urban Drow Ranger
  • Helen Avaeva

    Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

    My professional experience started in 2018, before that I was doing trad...

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    Futuristic cyberpunk character
    Western girl
    Red Dino
    Fantasy Dark Girl
  • Michael Clarida

    My name is Michael Clarida. I have over 21 years of experience creating ...

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    Quiet time
    End of the rainbow
    Bigfoot lunch break
    The Kraken
  • Emily Ormerod

    United Kingdom

    A current final year student studying Comic and Concept art with a speci...

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    Canine Welly-Wanger - 3Dtcdc
  • Ismail Inceoglu


    At the beginning, it was only me, photoshop and filter gallery. But now,...

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    To a new neighbourhood
    Closing hours
    Saving the Planet
    Catch ya later
  • FabioMSilva

    Los Angeles

    Projects worked: Uncharted 4 Paragon Ryse Son of Rome Killzone Shado...

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    Zombie dad
    Centurion alien Tech
    'Klara Medkova'
  • Helen Ilnytska


    I`m a concept artist, specialize in environment design. I have a passion...

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    Sci-fi Computer
    They are watching you!
    A beautiful new wonderful world
  • Amir Zand

    Illustrator & Concept Artist / Currently working @ QuanticDream

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    Mortal Engines / ARKANGEL
    Mortal Engines / MOTOROPOLIS
    Mortal Engines / Panzerstadt-Bayreuth
    Mortal Engines / Kometsvansen
  • Alex Treviño


    The Visual Storytelling Animal a self-taught 3D independent artist focus...

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    Space Cadet
    Laser Cowboy
    The Junk Shop
  • Realistic 3D Model of Miles Morales (Real Time)
    Realistic 3D Model of Miles Morales (Real Time)
    Rick and Pickle Rick in 3D | Meet Rick & Pickle Rick in Real Time!
    Rick and Pickle Rick in 3D | Meet Rick & Pickle Rick in Real Time!
  • Let's get this party
    Riders of the Storm
    P-51D Frenesi
    Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe
  • doctea deepdream dog
    Vurfx cactus (Testing gallery uploadz again)